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I’m Elie Herrera, designer & developer based in Nicaragua. I’ve worked both independently and with agencies on a wide variety of projects for local and global clients. Passionate developer in WordPress, I specialize in branding, Web and UI design. My core values are simplicity in design, attention to detail, and an understanding for my clients’ needs.

Selected Projects

Casa Pellas Designer & Developer

Casa Pellas is a Nicaraguan company, distributing prestige brands in the automotive world.

For this project, I’ve worked as Lead Designer and Developer on the MarcaLabs team in mid-2012. And we have been refreshing the site’s UI / UX over the years; thus achieving a unique and user-friendly interface. I now work closely with the marketing team to keep the company’s values unified in the multisite design.

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Velosa Designer & Developer

Velosa is a leading company in the motorcycle and automobile market. It has the largest motorcycle, spare parts and workshop network in the country.

A project built from scratch, tailored, with features that the customer required, designed and developed using latest technologies. Today, we continue to collaborate with the development and maintenance of the theme.

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What people are saying

Marcella Chamorro

CEO MarcaLabs

After working together for five years, Elie is still the first person I go to for design help. He makes it easy to work together, from seamless communication to always meeting deadlines to innovative design ideas.

Elie is a pleasure to work with on all kinds of projects, including logo design and WordPress coding. Jump at the chance to work with him.

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